Deck the Halls with Crocheted Christmas Decorations

I’ve been crocheting since I was about eight years-old. If you also crochet, and if you’re anything like me, you probably have all kinds of yarn just sitting around the house. I often feel overwhelmed by the odds and ends of different colors I have left over (but don’t want to throw out), so I’m excited to possibly use up those little scraps by making some small-ish Christmas crochet projects.

I’ve been collecting crochet patterns and ideas in a special Christmas Crochet board on Pinterest. There’s a little something there for everyone — both big projects and small projects — and they’re guaranteed to help spruce up your home for the holidays!

I’ve decided to crochet a few things that I can use to decorate my coffee bar, which is currently in that in-between transition from fall to winter.

Normally, I decorate with my coffee bar with owls (which I collect), but for winter, I’ve been trying to expand my theme.

For Christmas, I use bright, multiple colors — mostly red and green.

That’s why I’ve decided to make this adorable Crochet Christmas Lights garland from Repeat Crafter Me to hang from my brown coffee bar shelves.

I’ve also managed to collect a good number of snowmen, so, after Christmas is over, my plan is to remove all the bright colors and go with snowmen, snowflakes, blues, whites, and silvers for the remainder of winter.

I’m hoping to crochet some more garland pieces with white and blue snowflakes, to replace the Crochet Christmas Lights.

I’m considering using this Easy Crochet Snowflake Pattern, which you can get for free from the Flower Girl Cottage website.

It shouldn’t be hard to crochet a number of snowflakes and then string them together just like the Christmas Lights garland.

And, finally, last but not least: crocheted Christmas owls!

I stumbled upon these by accident, but I was so excited to find them, because, as mentioned above, I collect and decorate my coffee bar mostly with owls. Now I can make special owls for the Christmas season and winter months!

I adore this Christmas owl, and the pattern is available for free from Amiguroom Toys.

There are a lot of incredibly cute crocheted holiday critters all over Pinterest, and I’ve saved a number of them to my Christmas Crochet Pinterest board. Some of the patterns are free, but there are a few that you have to purchase, usually through Etsy. (I’ve purchased, downloaded, and printed a number of crochet patterns from Etsy — it’s not difficult.)

I mean, look at this reindeer!

This pattern, for Rudy the Reindeer, is free from Sarah Basnet and Tales of Twisted Fibers.

When it comes to using handmade decorations to get your home ready for the holidays, the possibilities are endless — especially when you have a website like Pinterest to provide you with ideas, patterns, and tutorials.

I will continue to share cute Christmas crafts on my Pinterest page (including some non-crochet projects), so make sure you come on over and follow me there:

Right now, I’m off to crochet some tiny Santa hats for the owls I already have on my coffee bar.

Let me know what Christmas projects you’re working on this year in the comments below!

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