[Personal Blog Post]: I Have A Favor to Ask

Growing up, all throughout my childhood, I remember coming home from school to find cards addressed to me and my siblings (we all got our own) from my Grandma Brock. She sent cards for every holiday and season — and not just one card, either. There were years I’d get three Halloween cards, two Thanksgiving cards, and four Christmas cards, all from Grandma Brock.

That’s one thing I am grateful she passed down to me. I’ve done my best, even in years I was dirt-poor, to always send Christmas cards to my friends and family. I guess I enjoy sending personal cards by snail mail because I remember how receiving my Grandma’s cards always made me feel — loved.

I remember sitting at the kitchen table with her, quietly, as I watched her write personal notes in her beautiful handwriting in every card, lick the envelope, and slowly work her way through her address book, which was filled with the names and addresses of not only family members, but also former co-workers and friends of hers and Grandpa’s, including people they hadn’t seen in a decade or more but always remembered to send a Christmas card every year. Our family is actually quite small, but I remember her Christmas card list being somewhere around fifty to sixty names long most of the time. (The woman single-handedly kept our little post office in business.)

Those are happy memories for me, and I’m happy to carry on her legacy of sending Christmas cards, even if my list only sits at twenty names at this point in my life.

Sadly, the last three years have been incredibly painful. I saw how desperately Grandma wanted to write and send her yearly Christmas cards, but because of her worsening dementia (which hit fast and hard), it had become a massive struggle for her. Thankfully, Grandpa was able to help, but they didn’t send nearly as many cards as usual.

This year, there probably won’t be any Christmas cards at all.

Grandma is now in the nursing home. Her dementia finally worsened to the point that Grandpa could no longer care for her, so she went into the nursing home this past summer.

A lot of the time, when any of us visit, she has no idea who we are — even Grandpa. There are days, though, when you can tell she does recognize a name or face, but it never lasts long.

At the moment, Grandma is currently on the COVID-19 unit in the nursing home, because she tested positive for the virus about a week and a half ago. Chances are, she doesn’t even know she’s sick (she doesn’t know where she is, either), but I imagine that, even if it isn’t conscious, these last few weeks have taken a toll on her.

That’s where my favor comes in. I want to do something that I know will make her feel better and cheer her up.

I want to flood her room with Christmas cards.

I’m already planning to send three or four myself, but it would mean a lot to me if others got on board with me, to send her as many cards as possible. She probably won’t recognize the names on the cards, but I don’t think that matters. She just loves looking at Christmas cards. There were times she and I would be in a store, and we’d spend an hour (yes, really) going through all the different Christmas cards. She loved the beautiful designs.

If you can help, please send your card to:

Mrs. Carol Brock
c/o University Nursing Center
1564 University Blvd
Upland, IN 46989

I personally appreciate each and every card that can be sent her way, because I know she will pore over them time and again, all season long. Maybe it will even bring some feelings of normalcy for her.

Most of all, my hope is that these cards will make her feel the same way her cards always made me feel — my hope is that these cards will make her feel loved. I know that she is and was loved immensely by every single person who ever knew her, and I think it’s time we show it.

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