Bowie’s Latest, Not-So-Fun Adventure

On Friday morning, Bowie started having a reverse sneeze episode, which is common from him (more information about reverse sneezes here), but the episode wound up lasting for hours, which really began to worry me.

Around noon, the reverse sneezing turned into horrid coughing, congestion, and a gutteral hacking, which led to Bowie vomiting a few times. I gave him some benadryl, which often helps his congestion (he has bad allergies, especially in the summer), but it did nothing this time.

It wasn’t until we laid down to take a nap in the afternoon, though, that I really started to worry.

I wasn’t able to take a nap, and, instead, I lay in bed, listening to Bowie’s breathing. It was so loud and congested sounding. He was more or less snoring, very loudly, and it bothered me. However, by the time we got up from our “nap,” it was too late to call the vet’s office.

This poor baby just looked miserable. I felt so, so bad, because I wanted to help him in any way I could, but aside from giving him some benadryl, I had no idea what to do. Thank god I can’t have human children, right?

Honestly, there were a few times when he was coughing and trying so hard to clear out the mucus, I came very close to tears. I don’t like it when my baby boy doesn’t feel well.

Bowie just went to the groomer last week (December 1st), so I immediately started thinking of kennel cough. Even though Bowie was just vaccinated against it in September, browsing online told me that dogs can actually still catch a form of kennel cough, even if they’ve had the vaccine. I was relieved to know what it might be, but also sad, because I didn’t want my baby to have it in the first place.

I put a pot of water on to boil, and it quickly increased the humidity in the house to around 60%. After a while, I noticed a huge difference — Bowie was finally resting and no longer hacking or trying to clear the mucus. I also turned the humidifier in the bedroom up fairly high, and, thankfully, we both slept last night.

I called the vet this morning, because they’re open for a few hours on Saturday. I was so happy that someone answered, and they told me to bring him in at 10:20. That alone made me feel relieved.

Our vet’s office is still not allowing humans inside (due to COVID-19), which makes sense, and I’m actually quite grateful for it and have thanked them in the past for doing that. So, the tech came out to the car, got Bowie, and took him in, while I waited in the car.

The vet himself came out to talk with me after he examined Bowie. When he examined Bowie, he didn’t register any fever (I hadn’t noticed him being hot at any time, either), and he said he wasn’t too concerned when he checked Bowie’s throat and sinuses. Yes, he has some congestion and a cough, but the vet thinks it’s probably just a little virus — not necessarily kennel cough, though the virus could have (and probably did) come from the groomer’s last week.

The vet didn’t feel too comfortable prescribing antibiotics (which don’t work for viral infections, anyway), but he did give us some cough tablets, made up mostly of guaifenesin (Mucinex) and the active ingredients in Robitussin (which kind of made me laugh, because I am extremely allergic to guaifenesin).

I just finished cooking some rice, and I’m going to add a little turkey gravy to it and try to hide Bowie’s cough tablet in that. He’s gotten good at picking his heartworm pill out of food, but I hope he’s good and actually eats this one. He’s still wheezy and congested, and I just want him to finally start to feel better.

We both want to say thank you to everyone who sent prayers and well-wishes our way both yesterday and this morning. We greatly appreciate it.

Now, I think we’re just going to do our best to chill this weekend — as long as the UPS or FedEx truck doesn’t show up today or tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we also found out this morning that our vet’s office has raised the price of their office calls. Between both the exam and the cough tablets, the bill wound up being $55.

I’m grateful that we have a CareCredit card that we can use at the vet (and we do, every time), but today’s bill is being added on top of a fairly hefty balance that I was still trying to pay down from when Bowie had his shots in September. Also, while the CareCredit is extremely helpful for vet visits, it does have a crazy-high interest rate (somewhere around 30% if I remember correctly). It always takes me a while to pay it off, and I wind up paying a lot more than the original amount, which I definitely can’t afford while living on disability.

Don’t get me wrong — I am more than happy to pay on the CareCredit card every single month if it means Bowie is healthy and happy. My baby’s health is the most important thing in the world to me. If I had to, I would use my entire Social Security check to make sure he was healthy. However, these payments do make things a lot harder sometimes. (I’m already behind on my water bill right now, so…)

I know it’s Christmas time, and I also know that 2020 overall has been a hard year for just about all of us, but if you by chance feel a little generous, I would be more than happy to accept any contribution to help pay down this unexpected bill.

As always, contributions can be made via


Cash App: $ChayleeNicoleBrock

Facebook Pay: Chaylee N. Brock (Facebook account)

Please, be sure to write “vet bill” in the memo line when you submit your donation.

Again, thank you for all of the prayers and well-wishes and love and support you always show to us. Thank you for caring about this little dude of mine. I might not be able to have human kids, but this puppy is my baby and my world, and to know others care so deeply about him and his wellbeing means a lot to me.

We love you!

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